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The high price of bargains

A friend calls me from Costco.  Her voice, unclear as it is on the cell phone, is full of excitement. “I am at Costco,” she says. “There are these–“ I know what’s coming next. I have been in that situation, … Continue reading

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“The American”–away, alone, amorous

Anton Corbijn’s The American may not be very popular at the box office, nor a particularly great film. But for all that it is not–and there’s a long list of negations on which this remarkable film rests so precariously– it is … Continue reading

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Breaking Bread: After Earl, one last ratatouille

It is a stunningly beautiful day today in Boston.  The Earl rains have stopped; the air is clear; there’s an energetic and energizing wind that makes the walnut tree outside the window of my study sway and bend this way … Continue reading

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Biking 1: Going nowhere, cowgirl!

“Don’t get ideas about getting anywhere, ” says Susan in that wholesome voice of hers.  “Just coast along, and end somewhere.” I would release a loud, protracted laugh if I were not a novice bike learner, which–believe it or not–I … Continue reading

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