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At the Librairie Orientale Hrant Samuelian, Paris

On my last day in Paris, a gentle drizzle in the air, we make our way to Librairie Orientale Hrant Samuelian, to meet up with two other friends.  “Let’s meet at Samuelian,” we’ve told each other. The four of us–an … Continue reading

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First loves: In Avignon

If festival and theatre sprung from the same collective source of human togetherness, then the Avignon Festival is a grand, noisy, colorful testament to this truth.  For  here, in the medieval town of Avignon, not far from the Mediterranean, it … Continue reading

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Immersion French…

Many years ago, I almost drowned–twice.  Once, believe it or not, in the Dead Sea where no human being in recorded history has faced such a threat.  I was 15 or so, I was on my back in the Dead … Continue reading

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At the Albert-Kahn Gardens, Paris

Please note:  My essay, “Blind in Granada,” is up on Jadaliyya.

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Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes @ Versailles

During the summer months, on Saturdays, all the fountains of the Chateau Versailles are turned on for a spectacular display of water and light, which culminate in a fireworks display once night has fallen.  These fountains are idle during the … Continue reading

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Early in the morning, at the Marché Malakoff, Paris


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