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Sandy arrives, King Lear wanders the suburbs

It always comes back to the sound of things.  Sandy arrived a few hours ago with the howl and grate of the wind, at first gentle and mercurial, then more assertive, and then ferocious in the way utter madness must … Continue reading

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The skies darken, Sandy is on her way…

Early this morning,  I ventured out to buy some “last minute provisions” for the coming hurricane, storm, calamity, natural disaster, apocalypse, all rolled into one.  From reading and watching the media, you’d think we were in Aleppo, or Kabul, or … Continue reading

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Digressing at the Boston Book Festival 2012

It’s always like this, a bit like summer, which promises more than it delivers.  So, too, with festivals which get me all excited about the idea of a whole day devoted to one thing–food, art, foot massage, politics.  So, too, … Continue reading

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Downtown Boston on an autumn evening

Some days are simply–good days.  Things go well. Your friends  tell you things you would not repeat (publicly) but which mean the world to you.  Their words are generous,  probing, intelligent.  By turns, they are funny, and witty. They make … Continue reading

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Autumn fading…

~~My little sleepy town of Belmont, MA is nothing to brag about. Yes, it has a reputation as an affluent town. Yes, Mitt Romney lives here and gets his hair cut (and gelled and shined) at the swanky hair stylist … Continue reading

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Oscar, with us still…

In honor of Oscar Wilde’s birthday, I am re-posting a short meditation I wrote after visiting his grave in Paris two years ago.  What else to say?  Read the works. At Oscar Wilde’s Grave The grave of Oscar Wilde, Pere … Continue reading

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Michael Henry Heim

The news of Michael Henry Heim’s death and the disclosure that he was the anonymous donor of the PEN Translation Fund hit me like lightening, as though he were a friend I knew well.  I remember reading Heim’s translation of … Continue reading

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Aleppo burning, Aleppo remembered

Aleppo burns–the souk where we have wandered many an afternoon; the Sisi House where we have dined on the most delectable food in the hemisphere; the Kala’a in whose bowels we have been awed and made small; but most of … Continue reading

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