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In praise of bookstores…

This is a post to promote bookstores.  Yes, yes, we’ve done it before, talked about the vanishing bookstore and how it is so difficult nowadays to get up, go to a good bookstore (if you can find one anymore), browse … Continue reading

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Commemorating Hagop Oshagan’s death (1883-1948)

~~The Armenian novelist and literary critic Hagop Oshagan died in Aleppo, Syria, sixty-five years ago today.  His shrine is in the Christian cemetery of the city, and a community landmark.  Oshagan had gone to Aleppo for a jubilee honoring his … Continue reading

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Nemo is here, howling.

At last, Nemo has arrived. Like Irene before him, his name does not fall well on him.  He should have had a much less harmless name–something like Hannibal or even Stalin because, frankly, perched here on the second floor of … Continue reading

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Five Broken Cameras at the Academy Awards

Five Broken Cameras, a Palestinian-Israeli-French production, is a contender in this year’s Academy Awards, in the category of Best Documentary Feature.  Nothing would be more cause for celebration that a win for this extraordinary film, especially as one of its … Continue reading

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