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First Loves: An Iliad at the Paramount, Boston

After the howls, the reverberating screams, the chants, the recitations, the physical re-enactment of war; after the fleeting tender moments amidst the horrors of war; after the narrator’s teases and asides Denis O’Hare and Lisa Peterson’s An Iliad ends in … Continue reading

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April 24, Armenian National Day of Mourning

I thought, How strange to finally meet one’s past: to simply meet it, the way one might finally acknowledge a person who had been in one’s company a long while. So, it’s you! I was standing by myself beneath the … Continue reading

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The morning after the Watertown night…

Here we are, the next morning, exhausted, weary and relieved.  We have calm though we want to believe we are safe again.  This morning I went to Watertown, to Mount Auburn Street, talked to my pals, the grocery store owners, … Continue reading

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For the love of Watertown, today….

~~Late last night, Watertown moved to the center of our and the world’s attention.  Today, Watertown, our neighbor town up the street, is barricaded and empty of its population.  But those who don’t seem to get enough of Watertown know … Continue reading

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Eerie Boston…

Tonight, Boston is a quiet, somber city.  Its downtown streets, I hear, are empty; its roads leading out into the suburbs are jammed; and its population is sorrowful.  We are a wounded city, the target, it seems, of persons or … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert is gone…

Roger Ebert has died. From 1967 to just two days ago,  Ebert was the dominant voice of film criticism, popular and elitist, for the “average” movie goer and for those who practice cinephilia, for print and television.  He was urbane … Continue reading

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From the Archives: On Re-reading Brodsky on Venice

Posted on March 7, 2011 by Taline Voskeritchian (Photo: There’s a photograph of the poet Joseph Brodsky, on which I stumbled by pure accident some weeks ago, as I was trying to banish the afternoon blues from my day. … Continue reading

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