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In Jordan: The return of the second native language

You know the moment, an hour or two before you are to land in a country you know well, have left for some time, and are now returning to it.  The country may be your native or adopted homeland; you … Continue reading

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It’s spring, time for Tabboulé (my darling)

  Is there anyone in this multicultural world of ours who has not heard of, consumed, or tried to make a good tabboulé? (The pronunciation is important: A double “b” and an “eh” sound at the end and not “taboulee” … Continue reading

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Writing the Palestinian Nakba:Ghassan Zaqtan

All week this week, I am posting poems by Palestinian writers.  Today’s poem is by Ghassan Zaqtan.  It is translated by Fady Joudah, and it appeared in Jadaliyya.~~ Will They Believe   Will the children forgive the generation trampled by … Continue reading

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Writing the Palestinian Nakba: Azmi Bishara

~~Ever day, this week, I am posting writings from Palestine.  Today, it is an extract from Azmi Bishara’s Al-Hajez (The Checkpoint), which appeared in the Words Without Borders issue on Writing Palestine, which I co-edited with Tania Tamari Nasir.  The … Continue reading

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Writing the Palestinian Nakba: Fadwa Touqan

All week, during the week of the Nakba, I’ll be posting from Palestinian writers. Today’s is a poem by la grande dame of Palestinian poetry, Fadwa Touqan, translated by friends Christopher Millis and Tania Tamari Nasir. This translation appeared in … Continue reading

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Writers of the Palestinian Nakba: Ghassan Kanafani

~~All week, this week, I will be posting from Palestinian writers.  Yesterday, I posted two from Darwish. Today, an extract from the great Ghassan Kanafani~~ When Said S., who was approaching by car from the Jerusalem road, reached the outskirts … Continue reading

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May 15: The Palestinian Nakba at 65

May 15 is the day Palestinians and supporters of Palestinian rights to self-determination commemorate the Nakba, or Catastrophe which forced hundreds of thousands of the native population out of Mandatory Palestine.  Today, the Nakba is 65 years old.  On this … Continue reading

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Mothers’ Day for all seasons…

At my local grocery this morning, the flower scene was in full bloom, so to speak. Flowers everywhere–tossed on the check out counter, held by shoppers, pinned on chests.   So many flowers, in fact, that if I don’t see … Continue reading

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