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The Monument, Yerevan/Michael Arlen Jr.

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I thought, How strange to finally meet one’s past: to simply meet it, the way one might finally acknowledge a person who had been in one’s company a long while. So, it’s you! I…

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The week of April 24: Oshagan speaking the Aghéd

Hagop Oshagan: Speaking the Aghéd “The week of April 24 has particular relevance to the life and work of Hagop Oshagan. True, he survived the Aghéd while many of his literary contemporaries fell victim to the Ottoman genocidal machine. In … Continue reading

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15 Great Books: How Civil War (Re)-shaped the Lebanese Novel

ARABLIT & ARABLIT QUARTERLY Today marks 40 years since the start of the Lebanese civil war, which officially began on April 13, 1975, when Christian militiamen machinegunned a bus of mostly Palestinian passengers, killing twenty-seven, after fighting between the PLO and … Continue reading

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