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Armenian writing featured on “Asymptote”, including Number 11 of Krikor Beledian’s “Unpeopled Language”

The Fall 2022 issue of Asymptote Journal is live now, with a special section on Armenian literature in translation. The section includes Number 11 from Krikor Beledian’s 13-part “Unpeopled Language,” along with a translators’ note by Christopher Millis and me, … Continue reading

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The Valise–a family memoir

      ~~”The Valise” was published in the fall 2011 issue of American Literary Review.  Since then, the publication has gone digital, and the essay is not available in print or on the ALR website.   You can read it … Continue reading

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The Big Bad Armo Show at NYC’s Symphony Space, February 28 & March 1, 2014

* Meet Sossi Hayrabedian–foul-mouthed, bigoted, homophobic, racist.  She is scantily dressed, with tentacular hair and a bone straight finger with which she scolds all those in the audience who are not married– heterosexually, of course; all those who may stray … Continue reading

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Commemorating Hagop Oshagan’s death (1883-1948)

~~The Armenian novelist and literary critic Hagop Oshagan died in Aleppo, Syria, sixty-five years ago today.  His shrine is in the Christian cemetery of the city, and a community landmark.  Oshagan had gone to Aleppo for a jubilee honoring his … Continue reading

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Aleppo: mourning a magisterial city

~~Nothing ever prepares us for the fury and violence which befall cities, especially cities we have known as visitors and inhabitants; cities we have loved; cities that have given us back ourselves, changed; cities in which we have felt in … Continue reading

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April 24: Armenian National Day of Mourning

Նիկողոս Սարաֆեան։ Անձկութիւն Կարօտը չէր ետիս ձգած քաղաքիս Ու սէրը չէր ծովին, հովին. վախը չէր Անծանօթին, որ կը ճզմէր իմ հոգիս, Ափի մը դէմ երբ կանգ կ՛առնէր նաւը մեր։ Այլ երթալու մեծ սարսուռին պակասն էր Որ կ՛ընէր զիս յանկարծ թշուառ, … Continue reading

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Reading Karsh: The excluded and the included…

At first, the most striking thing about the exhibition, Yousuf Karsh: Celebrating Humanity, is how familiar these photographs are to a certain generation that grew into maturity in the 1950s and early 1960s.  The exhibition is at the Armenian Library … Continue reading

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From my Files: Watertown

[This essay appeared originally in the summer 1998 issue of Ararat.  Some of the material is dated. Some Watertown shops have changed (and changed hands or folded) since then.  Arax Market itself has moved to a bigger location which is only a … Continue reading

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The Many Christmases of the Holy Land

On the evening of January 5, across the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond, Christians  participate in the re-enactment of the Nativity Story, and  break bread around a simple, mostly vegetarian meal.  All over the world, in churches that belong to the … Continue reading

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Meditations on the pomegranate…

There it was, in the middle of the grocery store (a regular one, mind you, and not Whole Foods), with a huge sign announcing its discounted price, in one of these cardboard boxes with the fruits all stacked one on … Continue reading

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